These previously unreleased track on download are a segment of a very interesting guy. I first met Alastair when he was still a young man looking for his way. It was the early 1980s and we’d converted a village smithy near Stratford on Avon into an 8 track studio. Rural idyll. This was Pandora Productions hideaway, long before the M40 was built.

Al Art, who Tex and I named him rocked up one day and boldly introduced himself. He oozed confidence; he’d been raised by parents steeped in the Stratford theatre and RSC and was a brilliant songwriter. We have his early material on tape still.

We introduced Al to Rob Gold and kitted out Rob’s basement in Islington as a base for Al to record himself and friends. Al drifted away to other scenes but a few years ago sent me CDs of some of his later tracks.

You will soon hear the results on all good download stores early in 2017. Some good players on these – including Herbie Flowers on bass. So I hope you enjoy these quirky and unusual tracks from Al Art