21st Century Kung Fu Fighting !

kung fu fighting

“The best re-make ever” Pete Goodall  band-leader Carl Douglas

Analog Life presents the best re-make ever of the enormous global dance hit of 1974 – Kung Fu  Fighting – featuring the great voice of Mr Kung Fu Fighting himself – Carl Douglas. Who could forget that signature red and black bandana as Carl strutted the screens and stages of the world! “Certainly not me”, says Pete Goodall, Carl’s bandleader at the time and executive producer of this brilliant re-make created by club DJ Ian Middleton(Ashton Cain), brother of Max Middleton, the keyboard player behind Jeff Beck and Paul McCartney.


Analog Life are Kevin Lloyd, Dave Grier and Ian Middleton of AC Recordings with the talented MC Sane taking care of the lyrical waxing. Speakeasy Recordings are taking care of the marketing while distribution to all download stores is being handled by One Media, Kung Fu Fighting has to be THE dance track of 2011, and sell as many as the original’s amazing ten million globally………

This is the first of many tracks from Analog Life.  More to come include Tears of a Clown, Superstition, Listen to the Music, Paint it Black ………a dance album that no-one will be able to refuse!


Analog life featuring MC Sane


Cris Capper known as MC Sane, is a producer, artist, songwriter, musician and lyricist from West London. Writing/Producing all types of dance music under the name ‘Sane&’ and designing sound and music for film and television, he has recently co-founded a production team called MindTrick Music and has also formed a new dubstep/reggae fusion band that has big aspirations. As well as working on his own music, he is involved in various different projects and has a hopeful career in the industry ahead of him.

Press and PR

Analog Life was formed by Kev + Yas Lloyd.
Creating upfront breaks with a groove to make you smile..

As the tunes were flowing nicely from Pumphouse studio in Ross on Wye. Dave Grier was traveling up from Weston Super Mare on a weekly basis to make some nice fat 4/4 style beats.

There was some quality tunes coming out on various labels (Keep Warm recordings, Daddy Fresh Music, Brickhouse recordings)

Dave, Kev and Yas created E-Lab Rat, an Old Skool act with a modern twist. E-Lab Rat were signed to Warehouse Wax (Dj Vinyl Junkie`s Label) they also had a major release on Hardcore Projectz.
E-Lab Rat had radio plays on Radio 1 and Kiss 100

Dave Grier became friends with a youthful DJ who went by the name Ashton Cane aka Ian Middleton, from which they all joined forces to create an album called Cetacea.

As the friendship and production skills progressed, the newly formed team Analoglife were offered the opportunity to Re make the classic 70`s disco hit Kung Fu Fighting.
After taking on this challenge, Analoglife enrolled the talented Mc Sane to come up with a modern slant on the tune. Which he nailed with expert timing !!!

After successfully remixing Kung Fu Fighting. Analoglife Were Signed to Speakeasy Recordings who offered the chance to do a whole album of 70`s classics. Tears of a clown, Something in the air, Paint it black, Listen to the music,Etc

So please check out all the links to have a listen to the talents of ANALOG LIFE..

21st Century Kung Fu Fighting !

 The full story!

In the beginning there were three people with different styles in Dance Music
Kevin Lloyd a producer of Nu Skool, Break Beat & Dub Step
Dave Grier a producer of Electro House,Cranking House & Techno
Ian Middleton a DJ & producer of Hard House, Psy Trance & Israeli Trance
Dave & Kev are old friends who met in WSM & worked in Kev’s Recording Studio in Ross-on-Wye
Ian & Dave are friend’s out DJ’ing (Heaven, After Dark & the infamous Bunker to name but a few) all three get together as a team to create an Album for a friend (Napier) when they formed the band CETACEA
Moving on in time to a chance meeting between Pete Goodall & Ian,in October 2010 at Speakeasy Recordings Hereford, a question was asked by Pete, the band leader with Carl Douglas in the 70’s, could a remix of Kung Fu Fighting be brought into the dance world, for a new generation of clubber’s….

Kev,Dave & Ian reformed AnalogLife & the three Writer / Producers got together at Dave’s Recording studio (Bassline) in WSM to create an Electro House version, with their friend MC Sane being recruited to add extra vocal’s to the already Kicking track
After six weeks work the Mixdown was ready for Pete & Brian at Speakeasy for approval.
Perfect, the thumbs up sign was given & we were on our way to the renowned John Dent at Loud Mastering in Taunton to Master the track
To our amazement John was at the original Cutting of the track in the 70’s (sorry John) at Trident in London as an apprentice
(how cool is that)
The finished track was taken back to Pete at Speakeasy then on to
One Media Ltd for distribution

AnalogLife are working on more 70’s tracks