Farewell Percy Sledge

Percy is on my mind. I was only a kid when I got the call to join his all-American band in Germany. They being brothers from the JBs hadn’t expected a hairy white guy in his thirties! SledgePERCY had asked for a “young funky cat from London” so he got a Scouser – all the same to him. One run through and off we went. No days off through three continents. Touring in UK bands had nothing on this AND I was playing with some of my heroes ……..Pass the Peas ……Gimme Some More were the intro instrumentals. Life with Percy was always eventful; his close protection man would make Geno look like a very small bloke indeed. Mrs Sledge ssat at the back of the bus with PS and slung the empty bottles down to the front …….I shall miss Percy. He’d put on so much weight when I last saw him but could still sing like an angel. Like Farlowe, he had the luxury of a great high tenor and was never happier than knocking out his hits plus the soul classics.
Will we ever see his like again ……..maybe we’ll meet —-at the dark end of the street.
Farewell brother Percy; from you and the brothers of Birmingham Alabama I really learned a lot. May you sing with the angels forever …………..