PARTY IN THE RAIN – back to the front

My co-writer Pete Brown (the lyricist and poet) recorded this seminal album with an excellent tribe of musicians in 1976 and recorded and released this album in 1983, five years after the group disbanded. Recorded at Pathway Studios, well known to every North London musician (myself included) Party in the Rain was a record that bucked the trend – it was the age of Punk, punk and more punk. Brown has always bucked the trend – he was arguably most successful with Cream; tracks like White Room and Those were the Days were extraordinary and stand the test of time.

Pete’s other bands included the excellent Battered Ornaments and the highly rated Piblokto both of which toured extensively and with some commercial success considering that they were, as in all Brown’s work, left field.

Party in the Rain should be available on I-TUNES and other major download sites early in 2017.