In 2015 I received an e-mail from a student from the McCartney funded Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts who is researching the early (pre-Beatles) days of Merseybeat; the Beatles may have ultimately “sold” the sound to a global audience, but Merseyside was a tinder box, lighting the fires of many young musicians, with literally hundreds of venues throughout North West England and North Wales.

I worked in a few Merseyside bands. One such was Savva with the Democrats. When e-mailed me he referred to an unknown band recorded at Liverpool’s first studio, Phillips. On the website celebrating Phillip’s website were teasers from the unknown band who I instantly recognised as the Democrats! Phillip’s grandson Peter sent me the MP3s of the two tracks – Mean Woman Blues and Shakin’ All Over, with a very young Thunderclap on lead! 

Unmissable …… is the video of memorabilia from the band soon to be on YouTube